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The percentage drop of Xiaomi's stock on the morning of 30 October after China's Ministry of Finance said that the smartphone maker made errors in its accounting. In its report, the ministry said Xiaomi had made tax errors on corporate gifts and had incorrectly recorded some corporate costs. It noted that the errors have already been rectified.

US$17.6 billion

The value raised by venture-backed companies in Asia-Pacific across 391 deals in Q3 2018, according to Venture Pulse, KPMG's quarterly analysis of venture capital (VC) trends. China led global investment activity in the quarter, accounting for seven of the 13 largest VC financing deals globally and nine of the top 11 in Asia Pacific.


The percentage difference between the salaries of female and male finance directors in the U.K. The difference is greatest in senior roles, where women earn an annual average of £42,674 while men earn £71,986, making it a difference of £29,312 a year.